Only Valentine's Day price reduced Lavender from beads of "The lyric poet of Provence"

Price: € 70.00
Shipping From: Россия, Ставропольский край, Петровский район, г. Светлоград.
Handling Time: 2-3 weeks
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Gentle petals a lilac-lilac lavender are added with juicy impregnations and fresh bright greens.

The flower will well look as in any interior of a bedroom of the princess (or queens!), and in a strict interior, will place bright emphasis on that subject which will decorate with the presence.

Recommendations about leaving: dry and damp cleaning, it is possible to wash under a shower

• Доставка (Светлоград) Самовывоз бесплатно

Курьер до дома 150 руб

• Доставка (Россия) Почтовая служба 600 руб / +300 руб

• Доставка (Другие страны) Почтовая служба 4000 руб / +3000 руб

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