Flowers from beads an orchid "Sunrise"

Price: € 120.00
Shipping From: Россия, Ставропольский край, Петровский район, г. Светлоград.
Handling Time: 2-3 weeks
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The beauty an orchid - a rare and whimsical plant.

But if she from beads, then her beauty is eternal.

Let this work will become decoration of your interior or a gift to dear person.

It will be possible at your work other, even more beautiful pot. The range of pots constantly is replenished and seldom repeats.

• Delivery (Svetlograd) Courier Pickup free home 150 rubles

• Delivery (Russia) The postal service 600 rubles / 300 rubles

• Delivery (Other countries) postal service 4000 rubles / 3000 rubles

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• Доставка (Светлоград) Самовывоз бесплатно

Курьер до дома 150 руб

• Доставка (Россия) Почтовая служба 600 руб / +300 руб

• Доставка (Другие страны) Почтовая служба 4000 руб / +3000 руб

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